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 My name is Sylvia, and as you may have guessed from seeing my profile picture… I am a troll. NO! Not an internet troll!!! A beautiful monster troll!!

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 My friends and I have taken up residence in a small home just outside of New York City. I LOVE New York City because it brings together so many different cultures, traditions, and people!! There is always something to do and a new adventure hides around every corner!


 As you know, trolls are not by nature city people. We tend to be more about a simple more natural way of life. That’s why I’ve chosen to live in the suburbs.

  I have a little house, in a little town, just a few blocks from the little train station. When I am ready for a little city life, I just hop on the train and within a few stops… there I am! The absolute BEST of both worlds!

  It’s such a different world out here in the burbs. So much to see and experience- woods, fields, and hundreds

Long Island Sound
Long Island Sound

of miles of shoreline to explore and enjoy!

  My little house has a little yard where I love to tend my little ( if you haven’t noticed… I LOVE little things!) garden!

Sylvia's Garden
Sylvia’s Garden

  Among my little things, is my little kitchen… where I make BIG meals for my friends and family!

  Overtime I will be sharing my adventures… new and old… as I explore, learn and experience ALL that life has to offer…

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